SandDock for Silverlight

SandDock for Silverlight 1.3

SandDock is software that enables dockable floating windows
1.3 (See all)

SandDock is award-winning window management software that enables dockable floating windows, tabbed documents and other advanced window management functionality in applications that use it. This technology has been ported to the Silverlight platform to bring web developers flexible window management features for their online software. The product is designed to offer the power and flexibility of the Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend windowing systems.

By plugging SandDock into your project you can forget about the intricacies of window layout; instead, provide your windows to SandDock and let it present them with all the tools your users need for full customization of the working area. Tool windows become dockable, sticking to the sides of your window in hierarchies chosen visually by the user; or they can be floated above your main window, or even collapsed to the side. Documents are presented in a tabbed fashion, with split views for easy comparison between content.

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